About us

The Legal Profession Board of Tasmania is the sole body responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of lawyers. The Board is an independent statutory body and consists of six Board Members appointed by the Governor of Tasmania.

What does the Board do?

From the public perspective the major role of the Board is the resolution of complaints involving lawyers. To this end, the Board receives and investigates complaints about the conduct of lawyers and determines how they should be dealt with. 

Another important function of the Board is advising lawyers upon appropriate standards of professional conduct. The Board also monitors emerging issues and trends in the legal profession and conducts education programs for the community about client-lawyer relationships.

What can’t the Board do?

The Board cannot:

  • provide you with legal advice;
  • prevent a lawyer from commencing legal proceedings against you;
  • change any decision made by a court; or
  • order a lawyer to act for you.

Fact sheet 1 – Making a Complaint